Teacher Appraisal Observed

Teacher Appraisal Observed

Teacher Appraisal Observed

Teacher Appraisal Observed


Through the use of a variety of methods including case studies, this book gives a unique insight into the quality of classroom practice & teacher appraisal today, what it means for those involved & how to use this knowledge to move on from this point.


This book describes the research undertaken during the Leverhulme Appraisal Project, a two-year research project funded by the Leverhulme Trust. There were three strands to the research. The first studied what happened in 109 English local education authorities (LEAs) when appraisers were trained by their LEA. The second was a questionnaire survey of 1,137 teachers and appraisers in primary and secondary schools in sixty-four local authorities. The third strand was a set of intensive case studies of twenty-nine primary and secondary teachers during the two years when appraisal was introduced by law for the first time.

During the project we used questionnaires, interviews and observation. We not only observed the appraisal process itself, we also observed the classroom teaching of the teachers in our sample before, during and after their appraisal. This variety of research strategies produced rich data, first of all about appraisal, but also about management, school organisation and human interaction.

The chapters in this book describe one of the few large-scale studies of appraisal in a whole country. It is to be hoped that the Leverhulme Appraisal Project will add to our knowledge of appraisal and teachers' personal and professional development.


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