Borderlands of Economics: Essays in Honour of Daniel R. Fusfeld

Borderlands of Economics: Essays in Honour of Daniel R. Fusfeld

Borderlands of Economics: Essays in Honour of Daniel R. Fusfeld

Borderlands of Economics: Essays in Honour of Daniel R. Fusfeld


Reflecting the growing disaffection with mainstream economics, this collection of essays appeals for ways to be found to make the subject less abstract and more linked to other disciplines that address the same issues.


Honoring Professor Daniel R. Fusfeld with this festschrift has been a project long in the making. The idea was born in 1992 when we (the editors) were driving back from a conference and exchanging information about the sessions we had attended. Our discussion digressed to how deeply indebted we were to Dan Fusfeld for our intellectual development while in the Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan. We thought a festschrift could repay a small part of this debt. When Dan gave us his blessing, we embarked on our long journey that has resulted in this book.

As a step toward the festschrift, we initially planned to organize a conference in Ann Arbor, the proceedings of which would be the basis for the volume. In May 1993, we contacted some of Dan's friends and former students with the tentative plan for a meeting in Ann Arbor in 1994. We had very enthusiastic responses from many, including some of the present authors. Our thanks go to those who initially agreed to either contribute or attend the conference. Among them we should name John F. Burton, Jr, A.W. Coats, John Davis, Zohreh Emami, Eric Helt, Warren Samuels, Howard Wachtel, John Weeks, and Michael Zweig. We also thank Professor Deardorff, then chair of the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan, for offering to help. The conference, however, did not materialize given the participants' conflicting schedules and the lack of funding.

We regrouped in the summer of 1994. To get around the difficulty of attending an extra conference, we organized two sessions at the Eastern Economic Association meeting (Boston, March 1996). Our thanks go to Nancy Bertaux, Barry Bluestone, Larry Moss, Michele I. Naples, Michael Perelman, Steven Pressman, Mary Huff Stevenson, Gale Summerfield, and especially Dan and Harriet Fusfeld, who contributed to this get-together in various capacities (presenting, discussing, and/or participating in the sessions or joining us as dinner partners). The papers presented at these sessions as well as others are now before you.

The contributions to this volume are reflective of Dan Fusfeld's broad teaching and research interests in history of economic thought and

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