Creating the Productive Workplace

Creating the Productive Workplace

Creating the Productive Workplace

Creating the Productive Workplace


Productivity is a key factor for individual companies as well as for worldwide economies. Many studies have shown that productivity at work bears close relationship to the work environment. Creating the Productive Workplace takes evidence from both US and European companies to show the elements of an efficient work environment. This book is essential reading for facilities and estate managers, interior designers, architects and building environmental engineers.


Buildings provide the environment in which the business community operates, and their procurement and operation represent a considerable business cost. Getting this environment right clearly holds the potential for better performance of both human and physical resources, and thus significant rewards to business and the wider economy. On an individual level, our working environment can have a major impact on our attitudes to our work, and in turn on our personal efficiency and productivity.

To realise this potential, we have to understand better the whole-life performance and economics of buildings. We must also gain a greater understanding of the potentially significant-but currently poorly understood-linkages between the productivity of building occupants and the operation of the internal building environment.

My Department has made improving the productivity of non-domestic buildings one of the four key themes of its new Sustainable Construction research and innovation programme. We have called for proposals to improve understanding of the business benefits of effective building design, and to generate more practical guidance and exemplars, so that clients and occupiers can make informed decisions about improved design and management of indoor environments. We are looking particularly at collaborative, multi-disciplinary, ways of tackling the issues. Our aim is to make sure that the overall performance of buildings is enhanced.

That is why this book is so timely and why I am delighted to be associated with it. The book highlights the issues employers and everyone who designs and commissions buildings need to address to create more productive and, above all, more sustainable workplaces. This will be good for individual employees, businesses, communities and the natural environment now and in the future. I very much hope that readers of the observations and suggestions contained in the following pages will be inspired to make or seek positive changes to their workplace.

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