The Lure of Perfection: Fashion and Ballet, 1780-1830


AcknowledgementsPreface by Violette VerdyIntroductionChapter One-Setting the Stage: Aristocratic Fashion and Baroque Body Politics before the Revolution.Chapter Two-Reformers and Philosophes as Fore-Runners of theRevolution in Fashion.Chapter Three-The Moderate and the OutrageousChapter Four-Neoclassicism: 1780-1820Chapter Five-The Consulate (1799-1804) and The Empire (1804-1815) of Napoleon. Imperial Designs pervade Street and Stage Fashion.Chapter Six-Restoration-One Bourbon Returns! Louis XVIII andThe Restoration (1815-1824).Chapter Seven-Pale Goddesses on the Street During the Romantic Movement: Charles X ruled France from 1824-1830.Chapter Eight-The Kingdom of the Opera: Pale Goddesses on the Stage (1824-1830)Chapter Nine-The Turning Point: The Ballet of the Nuns," and La Sylphide.Chapter Ten-The Dark Side of WhiteConclusionChronologySources and Bibliography


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