Learning to Teach in the Primary Classroom

Learning to Teach in the Primary Classroom

Learning to Teach in the Primary Classroom

Learning to Teach in the Primary Classroom


This text is specially designed to support student teachers in the school-based element of their course. It provides accessible guidance, backed by numerous classroom examples, on the essential knowledge and skills needed to teach effectively.


In this chapter you will:

• identify intentions for children's learning

• understand the important aspects of planning a teaching session

• recognise the importance of integrating assessment procedures into the planning process

• consider the debate which exists about the topic versus subject approach to planning in primary schools

• differentiate between short-, medium- and long-term planning

• be introduced to a model for medium-term planning

developing intentions for children's learning

No planning can take place without a clear idea, on the part of the teacher, of what the children in the class are going to learn. the National Curriculum lays the parameters for you here but it will always be your responsibility to be sure about your intentions for learning within those broad parameters. Imagine for the moment that within your class you will be using the topic of 'mini beasts' as a vehicle to develop work in the areas of Science, English and Geography. the decision has been taken by the school because of the easy access to first-hand experience (a nature area which has been developed in the school grounds) for the children and because of the potential of that topic for delivery of particular identified aspects of the National Curriculum. Consider what you may want the children to know about mini beasts, for example, What do particular creatures look like? Where do they live? or, how may the topic be used as a vehicle for children's learning, for example, What are the elements of a useful description? How may you show the differences between different sorts of beasts? How do these questions match with the curriculum areas which have been identified for this class at this stage? You will want to look carefully at the National Curriculum expectations which have been allocated for consideration with this class. These will offer generalised statements to guide your planning, but you will need much more detail in order to identify intentions for learning in a single

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