An Introduction to the Voluntary Sector

An Introduction to the Voluntary Sector

An Introduction to the Voluntary Sector

An Introduction to the Voluntary Sector


In the 1990s, the voluntary and charity sector is being forced to become an increasingly important provider of health and social welfare in Britain. How can it respond to this pressure, who is running it and how should it be managed? As well as offering a full overview of the voluntary sector, the editor and contributors examine its hitory and importance within welfare provision and its current position and responsibilities. They also offer practical guidance for and analysis of the issues facing the voluntary sector today, including its legal framework in the UK and EC, fundraising, management and accountability.


Julian Batsleer undertook research into charity administration in the early 1970s-long before it was fashionable. Since then he has worked in a variety of capacities on the borders between adult and higher education and the voluntary sector. He has taught politics and industrial relations for the Workers' Educational Association and established a management training service for Greater Manchester Council for Voluntary Service. He is currently a Lecturer in Management Development with the Open University's Business School and a member of the Voluntary Sector Management Programme.

Tim Darlington has been Head of Management Development at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) since 1986 and is a frequent contributor of management articles in NCVO News. He serviced the On Trust Working Party and set up the Trustee Services Unit at NCVO. He is a contributor to the Open University reader, Managing Voluntary and Non-profit Organisations. He has written extensively on management and organisation in institutional and community care, including Family Care of Old People (Souvenir 1980), A Life Together (Tavistock 1981) and The Limits of Altruism (King's Fund 1986).

Justin Davis Smith, previously political assistant to the Rt. Hon. Sir James Callaghan MP (now Lord Callaghan), is Head of Research and Information at The Volunteer Centre UK. He obtained a 1st class honours degree in modern history from the University of Loughborough in 1982, and a doctorate on the history of industrial relations after the Second World War in 1986. Recent research at The Volunteer Centre UK includes a major national survey of volunteering and a study on 50 plus volunteering as part of the Carnegie Enquiry into the Third Age. He is currently managing a ten-nation Pan-European study on volunteering, funded primarily by the Nuffield Foundation. He is author of The Attlee and Churchill Administrations and Industrial Unrest 1945-55, Pinter, 1990, and co-editor of Volunteering and Society, Bedford Square Press, 1992. He is co-founder of the Voluntary Action History Society.

Nicholas Deakin has been Professor of Social Policy and Administration at

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