Hearts and Minds: Self-Esteem and the Schooling of Girls

Hearts and Minds: Self-Esteem and the Schooling of Girls

Hearts and Minds: Self-Esteem and the Schooling of Girls

Hearts and Minds: Self-Esteem and the Schooling of Girls


In this text various specialists in education honsider the merits of current thinking on "self-esteem" in relation to their field of expertise. Each concludes that a radical reassessment of the ways in which we think about


The Deakin Studies in Education Series aims to present a broad critical perspective across a range of interrelated fields in education. the intention is to develop what might be called a 'critical educational science': critical work in the philosophy of education, curriculum, educational and public administration, language education, and educational action research and clinical supervision. the series strives to present the writings of a rising generation of scholars and researchers in education.

A number of researchers based at Deakin University have been closely associated with the development of the critical perspective across these fields. For such reasons, people in the field have sometimes spoken of a 'Deakin perspective'. We do share some common views from which we hope to contribute to contemporary debates about the future development of educational enquiry; at the same time, our disagreements seem as fruitful for us as our agreements.

The Deakin Studies in Education Series provides an opportunity for extending this debate about the nature and future development of education and educational enquiry. It will include the writings of a variety of educational researchers around the world who, like ourselves, are interested in exploring the power and limitations of the critical perspective in the analysis of educational theory, policy and practice.

The central themes of the series will not be dictated by the alleged boundaries between 'foundational' disciplines in education, nor by an unexamined division of the tasks of education and educational research between 'practitioners' and 'theorists', or between 'practitioners' and 'policy-makers'. On the contrary, one of the tasks of the series is to demonstrate, through careful research and scholarship across a range of fields of practical, political and theoretical endeavour, just how out-moded, unproductive, and ultimately destructive these divisions are both

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