Flood Hazard Management: British and International Perspectives

Flood Hazard Management: British and International Perspectives

Flood Hazard Management: British and International Perspectives

Flood Hazard Management: British and International Perspectives


In some important respects floodplain management and flood hazard research is different in Britain from that in other countries. This collection of papers from a conference provides some comparisons. It covers urban flooding, institutions and policy, land use policy, hazard response, and project appraisal and risk assessment.


This volume is the product of research and policy development activity at the Middlesex Polytechnic Flood Hazard Research Centre.

The Centre comprises a small group of researchers and lecturers working principally on the economic appraisal of flood alleviation, but publishing also on the broader topics of water resource planning, environmental appraisal, risk assessment and related policy issues. in addition the Centre has an active consultancy role in advising Water Authorities, District Councils and consulting engineers on the most worthwhile levels of community investment in flood protection.

Current research at the Centre focusses on determining rigorously the indirect economic effects of floods, investigating the so-called “intangibles” resulting from flooding, and also on case studies concerned with determining the pace of encroachment of urban land uses in flood-prone areas.

John Handmer joined the Centre in 1984 as a Visiting Scholar, from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. His role in the Centre has been to review critically our work, to participate in the research on encroachment, and to enhance the visibility of our activities outside Britain.

The last of these roles was addressed by John in organising a small international Workshop to discuss the detail and implications of flood-related research both in Britain and elsewhere. It is hoped that by publishing this volume resulting from the Workshop-which John has edited into a coherent whole-we will attract further attention to the research undertaken at Middlesex Polytechnic and develop links with other researchers elsewhere. We hope, in turn, that this will help us to increase the quality of our work, and to gain further friends in the wider international community of researchers, teachers and policy makers in our specialist field.

Edmund C. Penning-Rowsell
Middlesex Polytechnic
Flood Hazard Research Centre
Middlesex EN3 4SF

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