Moral Education and Pluralism

Moral Education and Pluralism

Moral Education and Pluralism

Moral Education and Pluralism


Volume 4 looks at the development of moral education with particular relation to the context of cultural pluralism. Taking a theoretical approach, it discusses philosophical issues of moral relativism as well as the application of theory to good practice.


This is one volume in a series of six, each concerned with education, culture and values. Educators have long recognized that 'education' is necessarily value laden and, therefore, that value issues are inescapable and fundamental, both in our conceptions of education and in our practice of it. These issues are particularly complex in the context of cultural pluralism. In a sense the collection is a recognition, writ large, of this complexity and of our belief that since values are necessarily part of education, we should be explicit about what they are, and about why we choose those we do and who the 'we' is in relation to the particular conception and practices in question.

The first three volumes in the series deal with values diversity in education-the broader issues of what values ought to inform education in and for a plural society. The second three focus more narrowly on values education as such-what is the nature and scope of moral education, of religious and political education and of political and citizenship education in and for such a society? Thus collectively they consider both values diversity in education and values education in diversity. Individually they each have a particular level. Thus volumes 1-3 cover the levels of system, institution and classroom. Volumes 4-6 focus respectively on moral education, religious and spiritual education, politics and citizenship education. This structure is intended to ensure that the six volumes in the series are individually discrete but complementary.

Given the complexity of the value domain and the sheer diversity of values in culturally plural societies it becomes clear why 120 chapters from 23 countries merely begin to address the wealth of issues relating to 'Education, Culture and Values'.

Mal Leicester, Celia Modgil
and Sohan Modgil . . .

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