Hume's Moral Theory


Preface 1. Introduction: Outline of Hume's Theory 2. Some Predecessors: Hobbes, Shaftesbury, Clarke, Wollaston, Mandeville, Hutcheson, Butler 3. Hume's Psychology of Action (Treatise II iii 3) 4. Morality not Based on Reason (Treatise III 1 1) 5. Variants of Sentimentalism (Treatise III 1 2) 6. The Artificial Virtues: Justice and Property (Treatise III 11 1-4); The Obligation of Promises (Treatise III ii 5); The Artificiality of Justice (Treatise III ii 6); The Origin of Government and the Limits of Political Obligation (Treatise III 11 7-10); International Justice (Treatise III ii 11); Chastity and Modesty (Treatise III ii 12) 7. The Natural Virtues (Treaties III iii 1-5) 8. Some Successors: Smith, Price, Reid 9. Conclusions Notes Index

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 1980


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