Evaluation of the Built Environment for Sustainability

Evaluation of the Built Environment for Sustainability

Evaluation of the Built Environment for Sustainability

Evaluation of the Built Environment for Sustainability


Sustainability in the built environment is a major issue facing policymakers, planners, developers and designers worldwide. The essays explore a number of issues. First the collection discusses environmental policies, green corporations and collaborative strategies which can make urban development more sustainable; the problems of evaluating the built environment in planning and construction is examined; the essays also illustrate the number of applications, approaches and techniques for the built environment.


Toward a multi-modal framework for evaluating the built environment quality in sustainability planning

P.L. Lombardi* and P.S. Brandon

* Dipartimento di Analisi Economica e Sociale del Territoria, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Venice, Italy

Research & Graduate College, University of Salford, Salford M5 4WT, uk


This paper is concerned with providing a theoretical framework to aid the establishment of an integration system, named bequest (Built Environment Quality Evaluation for Sustainability through Time), which enables users to assess urban projects within the context of sustainability. a multi-modal thinking approach is used to define and structure the concept of built environment quality and to bring together the languages and disciplines involved into a conceptual framework. This will lead to the harmonisation of information and knowledge across the built environment. the framework will also provide an aid for decision-making processes in planning.

Keywords: Built environment quality, evaluation approach, multi-modal thinking, sustainability planning.

The built environment implies buildings of all types, transport infrastructure, public utilities and other built structures and modifications to the natural environment. It represents the context in which individuals spend their time living,

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