Fundamentals of Health at Work: The Social Dimensions

Fundamentals of Health at Work: The Social Dimensions

Fundamentals of Health at Work: The Social Dimensions

Fundamentals of Health at Work: The Social Dimensions


This text provides students and training professionals with a grounding in the theory and practice of workplace health. It considers the issues driving the development of healthier working environments and suggests better practices.


This text is intended to be a re-assessment of issues of workplace health. There is particular emphasis on the neglected social context of workplaces and their impact on individuals.

In an attempt to wrestle with history and concepts of health and illness, there emerges a series of thoughts linking history, organisational development and health improvement, not by any means complete, and I apologise to those writers whom I have not included but the necessity to be selective, will hopefully become apparent in the reading.

The aim, is to engage the reader to begin to look beyond issues of legislation and safety and to recapture the essence of public health within our own time and to learn through history to develop and improve the health of people within our workplaces.

The text was partly written out of frustration concerning the limited reading material available on the phenomena of workplace health and illness in Britain. There is much on regulation and safety which exists in the main, not that there is a necessary detraction from these issues and ideas, for it is acknowledged that they bring a valuable contribution to our understanding of the field. However, the consideration of the social context of health and illness is neglected; its starting point, progression, its recovery and development is my aim.

This is merely the beginning of analysis and I hope others will in time join forces in picking up the threads.

My indebtedness is extended to the works of the late Bertil Gardell whom I discovered some eight years ago. This book does only small justice to aspects of his work. I hope the discoveries continue to develop and grow in time and that my readers do the same.

Carol Wilkinson

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