Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics


Designed for general office workers, this book addresses how to set up the office; how to select and arrange equipment and furniture; and how to organize and pace work. The aim of the book is to help people perform at ease and efficiently.


This is a “practical” book, but it is based on sound theory and research. It is written so that everybody can use it: you and I, the individual “office worker” or the boss, the equipment purchaser, the designer and architect.

We operate keyboards, check and make files, phone and fax, sit or stand, write and read, discuss and evaluate, prepare and make decisions. We all wish to be productive and successful, and most of us want to get along with everybody else in the office. Nobody wants to suffer from pains in the wrist or shoulder or back, and we all want to avoid “headaches”, both literal and figurative ones.

We all have experienced those hours when were satisfied with the work, even liked to do it, and when it was actually fun-why shouldn't it be this way more often?

This book suggests how to set up the office, at home or at the company; how to select and arrange equipment and furniture; how to organize and pace the work; how to understand and interact with our colleagues at the office: how, in other words, to perform “at ease and efficiently”. This is the motto of ergonomics.

People are different-how boring if we were all the same!

The recommendations in this book apply mostly to North American and European users. For example, the chair measures suggested here fit their bodies-but other populations with fundamentally different body sizes would need other ranges in furniture dimensions and adjustments. Furthermore, working postures and habits can differ strongly among the various peoples on earth. Preferences for colors, lighting, or temperature in the office vary from one continent and climate zone to the next.

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