School Leadership in the 21st Century: Developing a Strategic Approach

School Leadership in the 21st Century: Developing a Strategic Approach

School Leadership in the 21st Century: Developing a Strategic Approach

School Leadership in the 21st Century: Developing a Strategic Approach


Education reform continues to be a dominating feature of education in the UK and many other countries throughout the world. As a result of this, it is now more important than ever that headteachers and school managers develop the skills which will enable them to manage their new responsibilities effectively. In School Leadership in the 21st Century all the major aspects of school leadership are discussed, including: * strategical and ethical dimensions of leadership * leading and managing change * leading and managing staff in high performance schools * information for student learning and organisational learning * transformation of schools in the 21st century The authors of this completely updated and revised edition have addressed the new standards and competency frameworks, making this an essential read for all headteachers and aspiring headteachers on NPQH or LPSH courses and anyone else with an interest in school leadership.


Brent Davies

Since the publication seven years ago of School Leadership for the 21st Century, considerable change has enveloped the educational world. In the UK, the elections of the 'New' Labour Government have resulted in many policy initiatives and structural changes impacting on school leadership. Most significantly, the creation of the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) has given both a national focus and national resources to the development of leadership in schools. Linda Ellison and I have been pleased with the popularity of the book and gratified by the number of reprints. When the publishers Routledge (now RoutledgeFalmer) invited us to write a second edition we were delighted. However, the delight turned to apprehension with the realisation that it was not possible to rewrite the original edition but it was necessary to create a completely new book with different chapters and new insights. This we have done and we have renamed the book School Leadership in the 21st Century, engaging our good friend and colleague Christopher Bowring-Carr to assist us. Sadly, two of the contributors to the first edition have met untimely deaths through illness. Mike Billingham and Max Sawatzki were outstanding educators and in recognition of that we have dedicated this rewritten book to them. Max's outstanding chapter is the only one retained in full from the first book; it was, and remains, a classic.


This new book is set against the backcloth of significant developments in the field. The NCSL has put forward 'Ten school leadership propositions' (National College for School Leadership 2001) which demonstrate a significant broadening of the government's previous views on effective leadership. The wider academic community, both in the UK and overseas, has produced an increasing number of volumes on every type of leadership. We do not intend to replicate every one of these many perspectives but to take some key issues both in the type of leadership that

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