The Islamic World and the West: An Introduction to Political Cultures and International Relations


The anthology is an introduction to political cultures in the Islamic world and into relations between the West and Islam. It outlines similarities and differences in the understanding, perception and communication of basic politico-ideological issues like modernity democracy, human rights, violence, the emancipation of women, and economic development and social justice.
It details its analyses in country studies on relations between the USA and Europe on the one side and Algeria, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Bosnia, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Central Asia and Pakistan on the other side.
The book, which was first published in Germany, was deemed to be "a convincing reply to Huntington" (S]ddeutsche Zeitung). Mostly German scholars and scholars working in Germany present original insights into a complex matter that although at the heart of international and intercultural relations is often treated in simplistic ways.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Kai Hafez
  • Mohammed Arkoun
  • Udo Steinbach
  • Reinhard Schulze
  • Gudrun Krämer
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boston
Publication year:
  • 2000


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