The Federal Vision: Legitimacy and Levels of Governance in the United States and the European Union


'Outstanding book... stimulating introduction... this is a volume that is rich in ideas and takes the debates over US and EU federal development in original and thought-provoking directions.' -Perspectives on European Politics and Society'The Federal Vision offers a comparative overview and an in-depth analysis of issues concerning federalism and its future in the European Union, the United States and even in a more global framework.' -Collegium'This book presents an overarching and balanced picture of the issues related to the concept of federalism within the European Union (EU) and its implication for an ever-closer global order... features also a helpful comparison of the EU and US federal settings... addresses cruical challenges such as the issues of citizenship, legitimacy and statehood.' -Collegium'The book is an important addition to the literature. It provides a comprehensive study of key issues facing the European Union, the major contemporary debates regarding its political system, and the parallels with similar debates in the United States.' -International JournalWhat is happening to the uneasy relationship between the States and the Union in the United States and the European Union? How to make subsidiarity and devolution work better on both sides of the Atlantic? And what are the new models of governance beyond the state that can sustain the challenge of legitimacy? This book brings together an impressive array of historians, political scientists, legal scholars and political economists to address these questions and articulate a Federal Vision for the 21st century.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Daniel J. Elazar
  • J. H. H. Weiler
  • John Kincaid
  • Andrew Moravcsik
  • George A. Bermann
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Oxford
Publication year:
  • 2001


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