Federalism, Democratization, and the Rule of Law in Russia


'Dr. Jeffrey Kahn's admirable and thoroughly researched study offers invaluable materials and insights on what has been transpiring in the world of Russian federalism (and beyond) from the earliest Soviet days to the present, with particular emphasis and depth on the post-Soviet decade.' William E. Butler, Michigan Law Review'I have not seen a better account, or a more perceptive one, in any language.' William E. Butler, Michigan Law Review'Kahn's study is the best and most thoughtful account available of the early experience.' William E. Butler, Michigan Law ReviewHow has Russia's political elite struggled to build a federal system of government out of the rubble of the Soviet empire'and This ground-breaking book examines the public debates, official documents, and political deals that built Russia's federal house, and analyses the strength of its troubled foundation.

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