The State of the European Union: Risks, Reforms, Renewals, and Revival - Vol. 5

The State of the European Union: Risks, Reforms, Renewals, and Revival - Vol. 5

The State of the European Union: Risks, Reforms, Renewals, and Revival - Vol. 5

The State of the European Union: Risks, Reforms, Renewals, and Revival - Vol. 5


'Competent selection of highly original pieces' -Political StudiesThe State of the European Union offers an insightful and up-to-date examination of the challenges facing the European Union. The Amsterdam treaty, monetary union, future enlargement, as well as global economic and political developments pose new risks and opportunities for EU institutions and policies. Chapters by leading scholars explore different conceptual approaches to the emerging European polity, needed reforms of European institutions, difficulties awaiting monetary union, risks of enlargement, and the resulting implications for the development of European policies.


This book represents the relaunching of the State of the European Union series sponsored by the European Community Studies Association (ECSA). When the first volume in the series was published in 1991, there was a relative dearth of information on the then-European Community. That volume, The State of the European Community: Politics, Institutions, and Debates in the Transition Years, came on the heels of the creation of ecsa itself in 1988. It represented one of the first efforts to catalogue the state of affairs in the burgeoning European integration project.

Nine years later, of course, the study of the European Union has changed dramatically—as has the European Union itself. Today, there are no fewer than seven journals dedicated to coverage of eu issues and books on the subject abound. With this in mind, the ecsa Executive Committee questioned whether or not the series should be continued. in discussions with ecsa members, however, it became clear that the need for such a volume still exists for both scholarly and classroom purposes. We are particularly grateful to a number of people whose insights and expertise were immensely helpful in relaunching this volume, in particular, Erik Jones, Gary Marks, John Peterson, Mark Pollack, Vivien Schmidt, and Valerie Staats.

We also thank Dominic Byatt of Oxford University Press for sharing and promoting our desire to relaunch this series with a timely publication in both hardcover and paperback. in terms of the book's production, we thank Amanda Watkins for her patience and professionalism in overseeing the manuscript. Our appreciation also goes to Emily Schuster and Susanna Suo-Heikki of American University for their painstaking work on the bibliography, to Felix Klimpacher for serving as computer-guru extraordinaire, and to Margo Thoreson and Sheryl Novick for their overall production support.

Of course, our appreciation also extends to the contributors in this volume. the ecsa series has always brought two scholars from the United States and Europe to serve as editors. With this fifth volume, however, we have sought to make this a truly transatlantic - if not global - production. the book features leading junior and senior scholars representing Canada, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States - and even New Zealand. While

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