Inspiring Leadership: Learning from Great Leaders

Inspiring Leadership: Learning from Great Leaders

Inspiring Leadership: Learning from Great Leaders

Inspiring Leadership: Learning from Great Leaders


Explores the characteristics and achievements of leaders as diverse as Lao Tzu, Machiavelli, Margaret Thatcher, and Nelson Mandela.


'Visit the past in order
to know the present'

The purpose of this book is to review some of the great leaders in history, and to identify the main lessons of leadership that can be learnt from them. What emerges is a concept of leadership that is highly relevant to the needs of the world today. This is not surprising, for human nature does not change over the centuries and part of the greatness of great leaders stems from their deep understanding of people.

The importance of good leadership today hardly needs to be stressed. For it is widely recognised that a democratic society cannot work effectively without it. Leaders are needed in all fields and at all levels to give direction, create teamwork and inspire people to give of their best.

Here, then, are the timeless and yet timely truths which are the pillars of leadership. Each chapter concludes with a brief summary, a list of key concepts and some suggestions for ffurther reflection. These are designed both to help you to identify clearly the foregoing principles or lessons, and also to stimulate your own further thinking. My hope is that by this means the book will become for you what the Romans called a vademecum, 'go with me' in Latin, a companion book on your own journey as a leader. The path of leadership can be 'steep and thorny' at times and you may well find it worthwhile to revisit these pages. My hope is that you will always finding something here to refresh, to encourage and inspire you on your way to becoming an inspirational leader.

My warmest good wishes go with you.

John Adair . . .

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