The Politics of Europeanization

The Politics of Europeanization

The Politics of Europeanization

The Politics of Europeanization


This book traces the influence of the European Union on domestic politics and public policies. Whereas the standard books on domestic politics and European integration look at different countries one by one, this volume embraces an innovative perspective based on specific concepts, indicators, and a broad range of thematic issues.


The present volume has its origins in an international workshop on Europeanization we organized whilst at the University of Bradford in May 2000 and a panel at the Political Studies Association Annual Conference the previous month. These initiatives were taken in the context of us establishing the 'Research Unit on Europeanization' at the University of Bradford as a forum for activity in this area.

Our interest in 'Europeanization' covers both its conceptualization and its empirical application. We could not fail to recognize the fashionable nature of the term, but we were intent on establishing how far the term has a distinctive meaning and useful application. the present volume reflects these interests, in that substantial space is devoted to the definition of 'Europeanization' and then to its empirical utility in different contexts. the intention is to provide the reader with a comprehensive account of what is meant by 'Europeanization' and the extent to which it clarifies important processes of change in contemporary Europe.

We would like to record our gratitude to the participants in the earlier workshop and panel, to the contributors to the volume, and to Dominic Byatt and his colleagues at oup. the efficiency and support of the latter has made this project less arduous than would otherwise have been the case. We would also like to thank the University of Bradford for supporting the May 2000 workshop.

Finally, the volume is dedicated to our families, for their tolerance, support, and affection.

Kevin Featherstone

Claudio M. Radaelli . . .

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