The Muslim World: A Historical Survey - Vol. 2

The Muslim World: A Historical Survey - Vol. 2

The Muslim World: A Historical Survey - Vol. 2

The Muslim World: A Historical Survey - Vol. 2


Under the general editorship of Professor BERTOLD SPULER of the University of Hamburg a group of specialists is preparing in German a series of "Manuals of Oriental Studies" (Handbuch der Orientalistik). The series is likely to form a most valuable compendium of modern knowledge in this vast field.

The sixth volume of the series is to be a "History of the Islamic Countries" (Geschichte der Islamischen Länder), surveying as a whole the development of the many lands in which the religion and civilization of Islam are, or have been, predominant. Parts I and II of this history have already been published by Messrs. E. J. BRILL of Leiden, Holland; they are Die Chalifenzeit: Entstehung und Zerfall des Islamischen Weltreiches (1952) and Die Mongolenzeit (1953), both from the pen of Prof. Spuler. They have been translated under the titles The Muslim World: a Historical Survey: Part I, The Age of the Caliphs; Part II, The Mongol Period. Part III, Neuzeit, has also now appeared (1959).

The translations have been approved by the author, who has added passages and notes which do not appear in the original.

The transliteration systems used are, so far as possible, formal and consistent. This may be useful for reference to articles in the Encyclopaedia of Islam.

Gratitude is due to Messrs. E. J. BRILL's printers for the great trouble they have taken.



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