The Manager's Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies


The third edition of this best-selling book includes new sections on corporate culture, business intelligence, CRM and leadership, as well as many brand new case studies reflecting current issues including: assessing corporate culture and turning it into competitive advantage, manoeuvring around competitors when trapped in a weak position, energizing a product line and reviving a business after a period of no-growth.

Key features
• Over 60 real life case studies reflecting topical issues of concern in today's climate
• A new 4-step technique to segment markets with greater precision
• Techniques for installing a competitive intelligence system and applying market research techniques effectively
• Comprehensive chapter by chapter examination of market strategies, product/service strategies, pricing strategies and distribution strategies
• Step by step guidelines on how to write a Strategic Marketing Plan with a detailed example

Case studies include:
Positioning a product to gain ground against market leaders
Reviving a business for a new burst of growth after a period of no-growth
Energising a product line plagued by missed opportunities
Manoeuvering around competitors when trapped in a weak position
Assessing corporate culture and turning it into competitive advantage

New sections on:
Business intelligence CRM Leadership Corporate culture

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 2005
  • 3rd


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