History of Ancient Civilization


During the year 1900, the "Histoire de la Civilisation" by M. Charles Seignobos appeared as three volumes in the third edition and as two volumes in the sixth edition. It seemed that a work so meritorious and so widely used, especially in the secondary. schools of France, would be of value to teachers and pupils in American schools. The ability of the author to select significant events in the political and social history of the various nations is notable. Professor Seignobos willingly gave his consent to having the translation made.

It was thought best to select material from both the three volumes and the two volumes in so far as the one supplemented the other. Ordinarily, the original three-volume edition has been used.

In some particulars the work is not merely a translation. Phrases here and there not regarded as essential to an understanding of the text have been omitted. The tables of contents have been made more usable. An index has been added to each volume, and a general bibliography has been prepared for each period.

It is believed desirable to give American readers the following brief notice of Professor Seignobos. He was born in Lamastre, France, in the year 1854.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
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  • 1906


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