Handbook of Learning Disabilities

Handbook of Learning Disabilities

Handbook of Learning Disabilities

Handbook of Learning Disabilities


Over the past 20 years, major theoretical, methodological, and instructional advances have altered the landscape of learning disability research and practice. Bringing the field thoroughly up to date, the Handbook of Learning Disabilities provides an authoritative review of what is known and what still remains to be discovered in this rapidly evolving area. Leading investigators discuss their own and others' influential research, synthesizing a vast body of knowledge on the nature of learning disabilities, their causes, and how students with these difficulties can be identified and helped to succeed. A unique contribution to the contemporary literature, this is an indispensable reference for scholars, students, and practitioners.


Research on learning disabilities (LD) has become a major scientific endeavor across several academic disciplines, including psychology and education. This research has provided scientifically based models for practice in several areas across both special and general education, such as those in the areas of instruction and methodology included in this text. Thus, the purpose of this book was to chronicle the major findings that have emerged in the field of LD over the past 20 years. In extensive discussions, we identified programmatic research programs that have been and continue to be well recognized over this time period. This handbook covers a wide range of topics in LD. Selection of authors was based upon a number of factors, the most important of which being whether the research programs were programmatic and well represented in scientific journals.

We are grateful to Chris Jennison at The Guilford Press for his tremendous support through all phases of this project, and to his colleague Laura Patchkofsky, who handled the production details, including chapter author coordination, with exemplary skill and enthusiasm. We are also thankful to Crystal Howard for monitoring the progress of all chapters (submission, revisions, and follow-up). We are most grateful, however, to all contributors for their willingness to undertake this difficult and challenging task; we thank them for making this undertaking not only doable, but enjoyable.




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