Politics of Latin America: The Power Game


Politics of Latin America explores both the evolution and the current state of the political scene in Latin America. Distinguishing itself from more traditional works on Latin American politics, this text demonstrates a nuanced sensitivity to the use and abuse of power and the importance of social conditions, gender, race, and political economy. The first section of the book includes relevant information about the region's geographic setting, history, economics, society, people, and religion, setting the stage for a more detailed analysis of the politics, political movements, and revolution in Latin America. The second part of the book consists of carefully constructed case studies of seven representative Latin American nations: Mexico (Nora Hamilton), Argentina (Aldo C. Vacs), Brazil (Wilber Albert Chaffee), Chile (Eduardo Silva), Guatemala (Susanne Jonas), Nicaragua (Prevost and Vanden), and Cuba (Prevost). Each case study traces the historical development of key political actors and institutions, analyzing contemporary power configurations. Featuring maps, tables, chronologies, and clear indications of key players, the text clarifies background factors and shows students how the political game is played in each country. Each chapter ends with a bibliography that includes useful books, films, videos, and relevant web sites. Politics of Latin America is indispensable for the reader wishing to gain a deeper understanding of this complex, dynamic, and rapidly changing region of the world.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Susanne Jonas
  • Nora Hamilton
  • Gary Prevost
  • Harry E. Vanden
  • Aldo C. Vacs
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2002


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