Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement: Research on What Works in Schools


In Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement, Robert J. Marzano shows how a carefully structured combination of two approaches'sustained silent reading and instruction in subject-specific vocabulary terms'can help overcome the deficiencies in background knowledge that hamper the achievement of many children. Readers will learn?The principles that underlie an effective sustained silent reading program?A five-step process for using sustained silent reading to enhance background knowledge?The defining characteristics of effective vocabulary instruction ?A six-step process for direct instruction in vocabulary in each discipline?The vocabulary terms critical to students? success in every academic subjectVignettes suggest how the recommended reading and vocabulary instruction programs might be implemented in elementary schools, middle and junior high schools, and high schools. The book also includes a list of 7,923 vocabulary terms culled from the national standards documents and other publications, organized into 11 subject areas and 4 grade-level categories. With its research-based recommendations and step-by-step approach, Building Background Knowledge equips educators with the tools they need to help close the achievement gap and enable all students to succeed.


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