Developing Leadership: Creating the Schools of Tomorrow

Developing Leadership: Creating the Schools of Tomorrow

Developing Leadership: Creating the Schools of Tomorrow

Developing Leadership: Creating the Schools of Tomorrow


  • What is our best present understandingof good school leadership?
  • How do I lead my school to make itrelevant to students of the 21st century?
The idea for this book grew out of aninternational conference organized by theNational College for School Leadership,An International Future: learning frombest practice worldwide, which exploredinnovative and significant aspects ofeducational leadership and brought together internationalcolleagues to generate new understandings. The conference proved adynamic forum for debate for researchers, academics, policy-makersand practitioners. It was clear at the conference that there was aconsensus of understanding around certain key themes that crossednational boundaries. In Developing Leadership, well-knowninternational contributors explore this consensus to promote the keythemes which reflect our best present understanding of good schoolleadership, and to inform school leaders about leading edge thinkingwhich bears on their role.

These key ideas, which are highlighted at various points throughoutthe book, are built around professional learning communities;distributed leadership; strategic thinking about ICT; sustainability;internship; mentoring and coaching.

Contributors: Ray Bolam, Martin Coles, Gary Crow, Clive Dimmock,Dean Fink, David Green, Andy Hargreaves, Sing Kong Lee, BillMulford, Fred Paterson, Tony Richardson, Geoff Southworth, JamesSpillane, Louise Stoll, Ken Stott, Allan Walker, John West-Burnham


Good leadership is critical to a school's success. The quality of leadership can make a difference between a school which struggles and one which strives for the highest levels of attainment, between a school where pupils and staff are pulling in different directions and one where everyone collaborates and works towards a shared purpose.

Fundamentally it can make a difference between success for the few and success for everyone. But how do we develop good school leaders, able to make the schools of tomorrow the best they can be?This book is not about prescriptions or blueprints. It is about opening up debate and describing possibilities. The idea for the book grew out of an international conference organized by the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) entitled Learning from best practice worldwide. The conference was designed to explore innovative and significant aspects of educational leadership and bring together international colleagues to generate new understandings. The conference brought together researchers, academics and policy-makers with practitioners and proved a dynamic forum for debate. That debate is reflected in this book.

The study of leadership as a formal discipline is a relatively recent phenomenon of course, and in the literature about leadership it is usual to suggest that as vital a notion as leadership undoubtedly is, there is little agreement around the concept:

There has been an enormous outpouring of writing on leadership since
the 1940s but there is little consensus on what counts as leadership,
whether it can be taught, even how effective it might be.

(Call for papers: ‘Studying leadership’: EIASM Workshop
on Leadership Research, University of Oxford. 16 and 17
December 2002) . . .

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