An Introduction to Dyslexia for Parents and Professionals


This practical guide provides basic need-to-know information for parents and professionals and answers frequently asked questions about dyslexia and related learning disabilities. Alan M. Hultquist addresses many of the issues surrounding dyslexia, including possible causes and subtypes, means of testing, remediation and the controversial question of "staying back" to repeat a grade. Example case studies illustrate these issues in context. The author identifies possible classroom accommodations for dyslexic students in a range of subject areas. The book also includes a list of useful resources that will help parents explain dyslexia to children, as well as a glossary of technical terms. This complete introductory guide to dyslexia is a must-read for parents, especially parents with children who are newly diagnosed, and for all those who work with dyslexic children and their families.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 2006


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