Modernist Literature: An Introduction


This engaging textbook provides a critical assessment of British modernist literature produced between 1900 and 1945. Each chapter focuses on a single decade, a distinct genre and a specific theme: the 1900s - the short story - gender and sexuality; the 1910s - poetry - war, technology and propaganda; the 1920s - the novel - new modes of literary expression; the 1930s - the documentary - political engagement. A final chapter covers the 1940s and beyond looking at new literary and artistic movements and 'other' modernisms. Covering canonical texts and lesser-known works, Modernist Literature introduces students to current debates in Modernism and a range of literature in its historical and aesthetic contexts. Features:
• Examines four distinct genres - the short story, poetry, novel and documentary - decade-by-decade.
• Combines close readings with cultural and political analyses of British modernism.
• Includes a Chronology and Further Readings with each chapter.

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