Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work


In Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work, Robert J. Marzano provides an in-depth exploration of what he calls one of the most powerful weapons in a teacher s arsenal. An effective standards-based, formative assessment program can help to dramatically enhance student achievement throughout the K 12 system, Marzano says. Drawing from his own and others extensive research, the author provides comprehensive answers to questions such as these:
• What are the characteristics of an effective assessment program?
• How can educators use national and state standards documents as a basis for creating a comprehensive, topic-based assessment system?
• What types of assessment items and tasks are best suited to measuring student progress in mastering information, mental procedures, and psychomotor procedures?
• Why does the traditional point system used for scoring often lead to incorrect conclusions about a student s actual knowledge?
• What types of scoring and final grading systems provide the most accurate portrayal of a student s progress along a continuum of learning? In addition to providing teachers with all the tools they need to create a better assessment system, Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work makes a compelling case for the potential of such a system to transform the culture of schools and districts, and to propel K 12 education to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency.


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