Child Abuse: A Global View

Child Abuse: A Global View

Child Abuse: A Global View

Child Abuse: A Global View


A cross-cultural exploration of child abuse in 16 representative countries from around the world.


Children are our future, yet we still resist knowing historically what
we have done to create the future. We deny knowing about child
hood, because then we might have to face how we have treated our

—H. Lawton, 1988, The Psychohistorian's Handbook, p. 124

In this volume, we asked experts from sixteen different countries to discuss the issues of child abuse and neglect in their countries, including the following: the history of child abuse and neglect, legal definitions of abuse, the prevalence of abuse, children's role in the legal system, and penalties for abusing a child. In addition, authors have touched on the resources available for investigating allegations of abuse, for treating victims and (occasionally) perpetrators, and for gathering statistics about abuse and neglect. Chapters are arranged alphabetically by country, and similar topic headings are used in each chapter to help readers compare issues across countries. In addition, we have provided a brief description of each country at the beginning of each chapter.

Reading the chapters in this volume reveals that there is amazing overlap in the problems faced by each country regardless of its economic resources, political structure, or whether the majority of the people live in urban or rural regions. For instance, many authors note that their societies have only recently acknowledged the existence and prevalence of child abuse and neglect. Many chapters reveal the ongoing struggle to find adequate definitions . . .

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