Modern South Asian Literature in English

Modern South Asian Literature in English

Modern South Asian Literature in English

Modern South Asian Literature in English


"Each of the book's 15 chapters introduces readers to a significant Indian, Pakistani, or Sri Lankan writer. A brief biographical background focuses on the elements most relevant to the understanding of his or her fiction. A concise overview of the author's major works is provided, while the bulk of the chapter is devoted to the explication of a single work. Critical perspectives are offered, as well as background information enabling readers to view each work as a window to South Asian culture. A glossary of foreign terms and further suggested readings complete the book." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


South Asian culture has become highly popular around the world. Films like Monsoon Wedding and Lagaan have reached large audiences. The world of Indian popular films is the subject of a London musical called Bombay Dreams, and young women from New York to Los Angeles are having their hands decorated with intricate traditional henna designs. South Asia is now chic in the West in the way that Japan was a decade ago.

But preceding and expanding beyond these pop-culture influences is a profound and ever-growing international appetite for fiction by South Asian authors. Names like Rushdie, Mukherjee, and Roy are familiar to anyone with a passing interest in contemporary writing, appearing frequently as they do on bestseller lists and winning prestigious awards. This volume will assist readers who want to begin to explore the rich, varied, and fascinating worlds of modern South Asian fiction.

“South Asia” is a term that includes several nations, but for the purposes of this volume, it refers specifically to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India. These are the countries that have produced the internationally famed works under discussion. The great majority of the authors discussed here are Indian in origin.

Several different criteria were used to select the authors and works discussed. First, the coverage of this book was confined to authors who were at least born and raised in South Asia, excluding writers of South Asian descent born in Great Britain like Hanif Kureishi (responsible for several outstanding film scripts and novels) and Hari Kunzru (author of the wildly entertaining historical satire The Impressionist). All the books discussed in detail . . .

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