The History of Psychology: Fundamental Questions


The History of Psychology: Fundamental Questionsprovides significant excerpts from the philosophers, theologians, and scientists who contributed to the development of psychology. It also includes more recent works covering issues and ideas in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Extensively classroom-tested, this anthology addresses a comprehensive range of topics, yet is suitable for use as a core text or as a supplement in a single-semester course on the history of psychology.
The History of Psychologyoffers selections from:

• Aristotle
• St. Thomas Aquinas
• Rene Descartes
• John Locke
• Immanuel Kant
• Hermann Ebbinghaus
• Charles Darwin
• Margaret Floy Washburn
• Wilhelm Wundt
• Jean Piaget
• B. F. Skinner
• Noam Chomsky
and many others. The readings encourage students to consider the foundations of psychology and the questions that led to its emergence as a distinct discipline. Going beyond the presentation and defense of a particular point of view, this collection gives students the opportunity to consider the fundamental questions of psychology. The book is organized into nine thematic sections that are presented chronologically. Each section includes works that cohere thematically to encourage discussion, highlight related topics, and stimulate the classic and more current debates within the field of psychology. Every reading is preceded by a brief biography of the author and a note about his or her range of interests and influence.
Featuring original works from some of the most important figures in the history of psychology,The History of Psychologyis ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses on history and systems in psychology and philosophy of psychology.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2003


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