Innovation Management: Strategies, Implementation and Profits


Innovation is the key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in the business world. Using multi-functional research from economics, organisational theory, general management and marketing, and strategy literature, Innovation Management, 2ed, provides a systematic approach to the strategies and processes that underlie the financial results of innovation. Designed to meet the increasing number of courses in innovation management, the text provides full coverage of this vitally important area of business. Afuah shows the relationship between innovation, a management function, and profitability, a financial function. He creates a framework that encompasses the basic questions of the 'who, what, when, and where' of innovation, combining the latest theoretical discussion with abundant examples. The impact of the public and international sectors is highlighted with chapters on globalisation, innovation in emerging economies, and the role of government in promoting innovation. The book offers many pedagogical examples, most chapters conclude with short practice cases designed to supplement the numerous examples within each chapter. Examples are followed by a list of key terms and questions to stimulate discussion. Innovation Management 2ed, is an ideal text for business school programs and also provides guidance for executives and managers seeking a better understanding of the value of innovation. Contents:I. FundamentalsIntroduction and OverviewModels of InnovationThe Underpinnings of Profits: Assets, Competencies, and KnowledgeSources and Transfer of InnovationII. StrategizingRecognizing the Potential of an InnovationReducing Uncertainty: The Role of Technological Trends, Market Regularities, and Innovation StrategyChoosing a Profit Site: Dynamic Competitive AnalysisStrategic Choice or Environmental DeterminismIdentifying Potential Co-competitorsStrategies for Sustaining ProfitsIII. Implementation and Protection of ProfitsFinancing Entrepreneurial ActivityImplementation of the Decision to AdoptIV. GlobalizationGlobalization for InnovationsInnovating for Emerging EconomiesRole of National Governments in InnovationThe Internet: A Case in Technological ChangeStrategic Innovation ProcessAppendix 1 Standards and Dominant DesignsAppendix 2 Organizational StructuresAppendix 3 Organizational BoundariesGlossaryCase 1: Netscape CorporationIndex

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  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2003


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