Greek Literature and the Roman Empire: The Politics of Imitation


'Tim Whitmarsh is possibly the most interesting and sophisticated critic writing on Greek Imperial literature these days, and this important, groundbreaking new book should solidify this reputation. The breadth, subtlety, and richness of writing on display is remarkable... for once, the expansive title of a book actually matches the scope of its contents... essential reading for anyone attempting to grapple with the issues involved in reading or interpreting Greek Imperial literature.' -Bryn Mawr Classical ReviewGreek Literature and the Roman Empire uses up-to-date literary and cultural theory to explore the phenomenal rise of interest in literary writing in Greece under the Roman Empire. Greek identity cannot be properly understood without appreciating the brilliant sophistication of the writers of the period, whose texts must be considered in the historical and cultural context of the battles for identity that raged under the vast, multicultural Roman Empire.


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