Social Blueprints: Conceptual Foundations of Sociology

Social Blueprints: Conceptual Foundations of Sociology

Social Blueprints: Conceptual Foundations of Sociology

Social Blueprints: Conceptual Foundations of Sociology


Social Blueprints is a concise introduction to sociological thought that is a refreshing alternative to the approaches of traditional textbooks and other brief introductions to the field. David K. Brown introduces students to concepts and theories that form the foundation of sociological reasoning. In a highly engaging style, he uses personal experiences, salient cultural examples, and pressing social issues to ground these ideas in the everyday experiences of students.


Sociology challenges people to think in new ways about the world, and perhaps even to act differently. When sociologists examine social issues, they often ask different questions and provide more critical and controversial answers than conventional wisdom offers. For many people, sociology courses are departure points for different and exciting trajectories of thought that change their outlooks on life forever. the goal of this book is to enable you to imagine the social worlds that envelop you in new and complex ways.

Where does one begin when embarking on the study of a new field? One of the ironic difficulties involved in learning sociology is that the varied subject matter of the field is so intriguing that it is easy to get caught up in it and miss the core ideas that span all of these topics. If one fails to note and understand the basic concepts and theories of a field, it becomes very difficult to move ahead to more challenging materials or to apply knowledge to new areas. It took me a very long time to begin to cull from my studies the central conceptual and theoretical lessons of sociological thought. However, there may be a more expedient path to mastery of these key ideas.

This book is my best effort to make essential social processes more discernable for others, without sacrificing the sophisticated analysis and critical challenges to popular thinking that make sociology the vibrant field that it is. in doing so, I learned a lot myself. If the book is challenging, and I think that it is, that is not because I want to dazzle you with intellectual trickery, but because society itself is much more complicated than we generally are led to believe by the media, politicians, and other authorities.

The first steps in learning a new field are always the hardest, and it is no different with sociology. One of the best ways to tap into the . . .

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