The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management

The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management

The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management

The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management


The Complete Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Managing Today's Bottom-Line Oriented Nonprofit Organizations

This significantly revised and expanded Second Edition of the highly popular how-to book identifies and addresses the unique concerns of nonprofit organizations. Cutting through the morass of mere theory, the experts at Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc., a leading nonprofit management firm, get right to actual practice with dozens of real-world examples and case studies, and up-to-date, vital, "combat-tested" strategies and techniques for dealing with virtually every nonprofit business management issue, including:

• The daily role of boards of directors

• Fund development and marketing

• Public and government relations

• Educational programs and certification

• Information services

• Human resources management

• Using the Internet

In addition, featured here is a refocused strategic planning chapter that presents an ongoing, organic form of planning, as well as updated discussions of the importance of mission statements, planning publicity campaigns and coordinating special conventions, developing and marketing education programs, and much more.

Get the bottom line from the "front office." Whether you are an executive or manager of a nonprofit organization, a volunteer, consultant, fund-raising professional, a member of a board of directors or a trustee, the information in this indispensable guide is more critical-and more effective-than ever before.


What is most important is to have a family of strategies, such that one can
vary the response to one's changing circumstances according to success.

Murray Gell-Mann

The world of nonprofit management is changing. Gone are the days when volunteers had generous amounts of time to give to support their causes, and gone are the days of accelerated growth in many nonprofit sectors. In fact, recent reports from Gales Research have indicated that for the last five years, the number of newly created national associations is being fairly evenly offset by the number of discontinued national associations—a testament to the fact that the industry is indeed undergoing a transformation.

These dynamics mean that volunteer leaders of nonprofit organizations are faced with increased challenges.They must provide effective leadership and governance to ensure that an organization's mission is fulfilled. To accomplish this, leaders must work to embrace new management practices that reshape organizations to remain competitive. In addition, they must build value within their organizations to satisfy the increasing needs of members, often with resources that are truly limited.

Nonprofit organizations can overcome these challenges by following three simple principles: (1) Organizing leadership such that it accepts its mission to strategically focus on building the services that satisfy member needs, (2) creating a culture that motivates and rewards volunteers, and (3) understanding and utilizing proven, dynamic association management practices to achieve success.

Smith, Bucklin & Associates has been managing nonprofit organizations—trade and professional associations, technology user groups, and medical societies—for more than 50 years. We have long maintained that with the exception of the volunteer aspect of associations and societies, the management practices of well-run nonprofit organizations are no different from the management practices of successful for-profit organizations. We have developed best practices in the areas of strategic planning, financial management, membership management, marketing and communications, trade show . . .

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