Introducing Marketing Research

Introducing Marketing Research

Introducing Marketing Research

Introducing Marketing Research


The primary purpose of marketing research is to gather information which will allow your company or organisation to make better, more informed decisions. Many textbooks have been published on marketing research but most are very quantitative and are also too detailed for students taking a one-semester course, they do not focus on important qualitative issues such as depth interviews and focus groups - Baines and Chansarkar redress this imbalance. Written as an introduction to marketing research for students taking a one-semester module Introducing Market Research includes chapters on business to business marketing research and Internet marketing research. The authors adopt a practical focus and include numerous practical examples as well as coursework assignments.


This textbook emerged as a result of teaching marketing research on undergraduate programmes at Middlesex University Business School. Its unique feature is a balance between statistical and non-statistical aspects of marketing research. We have made special attempts to include actual material from current marketing research consultancy projects with which we have been involved.

We have used a number of the marketing group staff, within the school, who have expertise in their own particular areas. Special thanks must go to Lynn Vos who produced Chapter 3 on desk research and worked hard to make Appendix I as inclusive as possible. Dr Martine Spence contributed much of the material for Chapter 10 despite being incredibly busy. Dr Androulla Michaeloudis contributed some of the material for Chapter 6 on data analysis and basic statistics. We would like to thank Professor If an Shepherd for contributing Chapter 11—an important chapter in view of the recent changes in the research market and the current focus of much attention—and Dr Ross Brennan for writing Chapter 12 on business-to-business marketing research. The latter area is often left out of textbooks of this nature, despite its obvious significance. We would also like to thank the many anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments, many of which were incorporated into the final manuscript. Thanks particularly to those reviewers who made specific recommendations on material to be included to improve the text. We would like to thank the team at Wiley, particularly the commissioning editors, Steve Hardman and Sarah Booth, the production editor, Catherine Braund, and the marketing manager, Peter Hudson.

The text has been specially designed to cater for semesterized teaching of marketing research. Each chapter can be regarded as a lecture in its own right. Powerpoint slides have been produced for each chapter in order to aid the lecturer in delivering their lectures. Answers to work assignments are also available to both lecturers and students. In order to access this material, please visit the following website:

The text attempts to cover, in brief, the major components of a marketing research project. As such, this text is a useful guide for practising marketing research managers either as those who commission marketing research projects or as those who conduct them. The text considers distinct marketing research topics, chapter by chapter. Chapter One contains an introduction to the market research industry and attempts to provide the reader with an insight into the different marketing research methods. There is also a brief consideration of marketing research ethics. Chapter Two illustrates . . .

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