Handbook of Business Valuation

Handbook of Business Valuation

Handbook of Business Valuation

Handbook of Business Valuation


• Important sections on family limited partnerships, intellectual property issues, minority interests, and much more


When we were asked to update the Handbook of Business Valuation, we thought it would be a “piece of cake.” All we would have :o do would be to ask each contributor to the first edition to update his or her chapter, and, that would be it. But the more we reviewed the: first edition, the more we realized that we wanted to make many additions—as well as some deletions.

Moreover, we had just assumed that everyone would have the time, including our new contributors, to undertake our project, and we would just have to send letters and make a few telephone calls. Wrong again. Although this is a second edition, and some of the contributors to the first are the same, the book is in fact almost a new one, with ten new chapters, including the valuing of specific businesses and valuing intellectual property. This book has something for everyone interested in business valuation, beginners and professionals alike.

One thing this edition has in common with the first is the great advantage that it can be read by subject, in no particular sequence. This is not a textbook in which you should start at the beginning; we intend this book as more of a resource or reference book. If you need some information on a particular valuation subject or issue, just pick it up and read the appropriate section.

The real strength of the Handbook of Business Valuation—both editions—is, the diversity of its contributors. We succeeded in finding true experts in their field. We went out and captured those with real experience and knowledge of their particular subject. We use the word . . .

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