Services Marketing Management: An International Perspective

Services Marketing Management: An International Perspective

Services Marketing Management: An International Perspective

Services Marketing Management: An International Perspective


Services Marketing Management An International Perspective Services Marketing Management provides students with an understanding of services marketing in an international context. Based on the authors' views about the essence of marketing in concepts such as market orientation, long-term relationships, quality and, ultimately, satisfaction, this unique book includes the latest developments in Europe, Northern America and Australasia. The text is built around four themes:

• The fundamentals of services marketing management

• A new classification of services based on an extensive overview of existing classifications

• The definition of four new types of services

• The increasing trend to the internationalization of services
The benefits of this book are threefold, the reader will: have an understanding of services marketing management in both a national and an international context; be able to manage a market-oriented service organization; and be able to deliver excellent service quality leading to long-term relationships with customers and employees. Numerous examples illustrate key points discussed in the text and each chapter concludes with a case study.


As someone who has devoted his entire career to investigating, writing about, and teaching services marketing, I am pleased for those of you holding this book in your hands and preparing to study services marketing yourself. You are in for an exciting journey, learning about the special challenges and opportunities of marketing a performance – the essence of a service.

Services permeate everyday existence. They are a big part of your life so it makes sense to learn more about them as a consumer and as a present or future manager. Within the last 24 hours, you may have listened to the radio, watched television, taken a train, bus, cab or subway, made or received a telephone call, consumed a restaurant meal, used the campus library or gym, observed a sporting event, made a banking transaction, been warmed (or cooled) by electric power, gone to class, or contacted an insurance agent. In each case, you were a services consumer.

Because services pervade our lives, I always remind my students that improving the quality of service in society is more than just a market share issue, more than just a profit and loss issue, more than just a business issue. Improving service quality also is a quality-of-life issue; the better the service quality of our doctors, grocers, bankers, restaurants, government agencies, department stores, transportation services and other providers, the better the quality of our daily living.

Everyone wins when service is excellent. The customers win (because the quality of daily life is better). The employees win (because striving for excellence at work is more fun than accepting mediocrity). The owners of the company win (because the business will be more successful). And the community and country win (because their businesses are competitively stronger and the quality of everyday living is better).

Enjoy this book and profit from the lessons. Unearth and tuck away the many lessons for marketing and managing the more or less invisible products we call “services”.

Leonard L. Berry Author of Discovering the Soul of Service and Distinguished Professor of Marketing Texas A&M University, U.S.A.

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