Implementing Juran's Road Map for Quality Leadership: Benchmarks and Results

Implementing Juran's Road Map for Quality Leadership: Benchmarks and Results

Implementing Juran's Road Map for Quality Leadership: Benchmarks and Results

Implementing Juran's Road Map for Quality Leadership: Benchmarks and Results


Concise, convenient, to the point-a one-stop source for implementing quality leadership "At last, we now understand that quality superiority cannot be achieved by cheerleading. The journey requires many activities: managerial, technological, and statistical. Al Endres sets forth the what, the why, and the how of implementing a quality effort. This is a thoughtful, well-written book with plenty of practical examples. If you are serious about product quality, I urge you to follow this road map." -Frank M. Gryna Distinguished University Professor of Management University of Tampa

This book takes a no-nonsense approach to quality implementation. It explains the Juran Institute's model for TQM, introduces a road map for developing and implementing that model, and provides step-by-step guidance through each of the five phases of the implementation process: Decide, Prepare, Start, Expand, and Integrate. Using real-world examples of the actual achievements of organizations in a variety of industries and business functions, this reliable book describes exactly how to execute each phase for maximum benefit. To further expedite the learning process, each chapter includes a summary of key learning points for quick reference. Firsthand perspectives, charts, checklists, and benchmarks form a comprehensive road map for leaders and managers who need to take immediate, practical steps to implement and maintain successful quality initiatives. From the Institute whose name is synonymous with quality, this is the definitive guide to making total quality a reality in any organization.


The first time I spoke to Dr. Juran I was a senior oper ations research analyst in Motorola's Communications Products Division in Schaumburg, Illinois. Our division general manager, sensing the swell of momentum for quality improvement launched by Motorola's chairman, Bob Galvin, had asked our director to conduct a study on where the division really stood on quality.

After being given the assignment of determining how to accomplish this daunting task, I called for “reinforcements.” I was somewhat surprised, if not startled, when Dr. Juran personally answered his phone with his famous “Juran!” I asked if he were available to help us conduct what I would later learn to call an as sessment of quality. Unfortunately, he was not, but he generously suggested several other consultants who could help us.

From the list of consultants he suggested, Ed Reynolds, a seasoned quality professional who told it like it was—even if people didn't want to hear it-was our “best fit.” It was while working and learning from Ed, that I made the decision to put aside operations research in favor of a career focused on utilizing and teaching Dr. Juran's concepts and methodologies to help organizations manage for quality.

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