Commitment-Led Marketing: The Key to Brand Profits Is in the Customer's Mind

Commitment-Led Marketing: The Key to Brand Profits Is in the Customer's Mind

Commitment-Led Marketing: The Key to Brand Profits Is in the Customer's Mind

Commitment-Led Marketing: The Key to Brand Profits Is in the Customer's Mind


Keeping and gaining market share is what most business strive for in the race to make brands profitable. In a hugely competitive world, customer loyalty has become a key area for concern.
What would happen if you could go one step further and identify not just those customers who are loyal to your brand, but those who are truly committed to your product or service? This book helps you to do just that.
More that ten years ago, Jannie Hofmeyr and Butch Rice created something called The Conversion Model - a technique that analyses the degree of a person's psychological commitment to anything and everything.
Marketers will be able to gain a strategic advantage within their market if they implement the thinking, tools and strategies outlines in this book.
"After years of using customer satisfaction measures I was extremely frustrated at the lack of correlation between satisfaction and subsequent customer defection rates. The measurement of commitment, via The Conversion Model provided the vital link I had been looking for." Alan Gilmour, Brand and Marketing Director, Lloyds TSB
"The Conversion Model enabled us to establish real insight into loyalty and we effectively fused it with a segmentation process. This has allowed us to really grapple with the core market dynamics and establish key marketing objectives in an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace..." Mark Horton, Group Head of Marketing, Northcliffe Newspaper Group
"Since I first came across the Conversion Model back in 1990, I have always found it was the perfect tool for measuring the health of brands I've worked on..." David V. Spangler, Director, The Council for Marketing and opinion Research (MCMOR) and former Research Director of Levi Strauss Co
"The Conversion Model is a compelling strategic marketing tool that offers a true understanding of institutional investor behaviour. It is a predictive indicator of potential market share gains and losses with a phenomenal degree of precision." Patricia Toney, Manager, Marketing research, Chicago Board of Trade
"To grow a business, convert customers to your offering and then keep them committed....a very powerful answer is in this book." John Deighton, Professor of Business Admininstration, Harvard Business School
"Using the Conversion Model has given us significant insights into brand choice across a range of countries and cultures...... The added dimension of commitment has allowed us to understand more comprehensively what is in the mind of our consumers - a real plus in terms of giving us the competitive edge." Janett Edelberg, Joseph E. Seagram & Sons


Our work has its origins in what some may think was a bizarre beginning. It started in the field of religious studies when Jannie was teaching and researching at the University of Cape Town. A particular field of interest for him was the process of religious conversion. One of the things that distinguishes this process is that it is sometimes sudden and sometimes gradual. Psychologists had failed to find either a mechanism or a conceptual framework to account for what causes this difference. It was the chance discovery by Jannie of catastrophe theory that allowed for the development of such a framework.

From religion Jannie's work moved into politics. At that time South Africa was in the grip of a revolution. Many white South Africans had realized that change was inevitable, but they continued to be stuck in dysfunctional patterns of political activity. The theory of commitment and conversion was applied in an attempt to understand what might make whites willing to accept non-racial democracy.

It was at that point that our paths crossed. While Jannie had been involved in developing a general theory of commitment and conversion and applying it to South African politics, I had been building Research Surveys (Pty) Ltd, by then South Africa's most successful marketing research company. Research Surveys carried out the fieldwork for that early political research. The businessman recognized the commercial potential of what the academic was doing and the rest, as they say, is history.

We called our approach The Conversion Model and launched it in South Africa in 1989 without any idea of its full commercial potential. In 1990 we launched in the United States and subsequently around the world. You can now do Conversion Model work in any country in the world. Our network has a sales presence in some 70 countries and over 120 cities. More than 2800 projects have been commissioned by clients in . . .

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