Future of the Multinational Company

Future of the Multinational Company

Future of the Multinational Company

Future of the Multinational Company


Recent Events -from September 11, to the anti-globalization protests to the collapse of the high-tech boom have accentuated the sense that the global economy is moving into uncharted waters Bringing together the leading authorities on globalization and international business The Future of the Multinational Compan y looks ahead to the new challenges facing multinational firms and predicts what the multinational company will look like in ten years time.
  • Brings together the leading authorities in the field of global / international busi-ness.
  • Accademically rigourous but accessible ?
  • Addresses a topic of concern to practitioners and academics alike


This book has its origins in a festschrift for John Stopford – a celebration of his ideas and achievements as an academic – held at the London Business School (LBS) in June 2002. John was nearing his formal retirement from the lbs, though anyone who knows John is fully aware how little difference that will make to his work or to his intellectual curiosity. But this event, we realized, was an excellent opportunity to bring together a group of scholars with whom John had interacted over his 30-year career, both to honour his contribution to the fields of international business and strategy, and also to engage in a dialogue around the contemporary challenges facing multinational enterprises.

The conference brought together four generations of academics from around the world, from John's classmates at Harvard Business School in the late 1960s through to the current crop of PhD students at the London Business School today. Over two glorious summer days, we discussed a wide-ranging set of issues from the moral imperatives of capitalism through to the logic of open-source software development. the common thread was essentially John's academic career – the broad set of issues that occupied his attention as a researcher, writer, teacher and consultant, and in particular his three most influential books – Managing the Multinational Enterprise (co-authored with Lou Wells), Rival States: Rival Firms (with Susan Strange), and Rejuvenating the Mature Business (with Charles Baden-Fuller). We invited leading academics to prepare papers on each of these topic areas, and the papers were then brought together and edited to create this book. the net result is a collection of observations, new ideas and research findings from 19 of the most well-respected thinkers in the fields of strategy and international business.


There are four sections to the book. Each of the first three is focused around the theme of one of John Stopford's major books, with between four and eight papers looking at different aspects of that theme. the final section consists of a retrospective . . .

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