Galilee and Gospel: Collected Essays

Galilee and Gospel: Collected Essays

Galilee and Gospel: Collected Essays

Galilee and Gospel: Collected Essays


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Galilee has long been a subject of fascination and scholarly inquiry because of its association with the formative periods of both Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity. Sean Freyne undertakes the difficult but essential task of bringing together literary and archaeological evidence to reconstruct the geographic, social, and religious world of Galilee in Hellenistic and Roman times. Both literary and archaeological evidence are essential for the study of early Judaism and the quest for the historical Jesus. Freyne fruitfully examines both areas of inquiry and makes substantial contributions to ongoing scholarly debates.

Please note the following publication is only available in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


This collection of essays is dedicated to Professor Martin Hengel as an expression of gratitude to him for his continuing support and encouragement since he first suggested to me the topic of Galilee in Hellenistic and Roman times in 1972.

My first visit to Tübingen came about through the enthusiastic invitation of Professor Otto Betz who has befriended many visiting students to Tübingen with unfailing kindness and warmth. TheInstitutum Judaicum of the University there has provided me with a friendly and helpful environment for research on several occasions in the intervening years.

The Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung has generously supported my visits to Tübingen and I am happy to be able to acknowledge my appreciation of the courtesy of several General Secretaries of the Foundation and their staff. I trust that the publication of this collection of essays by a prestigious German academic publisher demonstrates the importance of the dialogue in the Humanities between German and visiting scholars that the Foundation continues to make possible.

In the preparation of these essays for publication I have received generous help from the Provost's Academic Development Fund, the Trinity Association and Trust, and the Joint Program for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies at Trinity College. My thanks are also due to Peter Kenny and David Edgar, Trinity College, Dublin, for their meticulous care in preparing the manuscript and indices. I am also deeply indebted to my wife, Gail, and to my children, Bridget and Sarah, for whom my preoccupation with Galilee has become a way of life over the years.

I have resisted the temptation to make any large-scale revision to the essays, confining myself to stylistic changes and the addition of new bibliographical information as appropriate. These are indicated by the use of an asterisk in the footnotes.

I also wish gratefully to acknowledge permission to publish the following articles:

Cambridge University Press: 'The Galileans in the Light of Josephus' Life; NTS26 (1980) 397–413, and 'Galilee-Jerusalem Relations in the Light of Josephus'Life: NTS33 (1987) 600–609.

The Jewish Theological Seminary: 'Urban-Rural Relations in the Light of the Literary sources,' inThe Galilee in Late Antiquity,ed. L. Levine (1992).

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