Free Will, Consciousness, and the Self

Free Will, Consciousness, and the Self

Free Will, Consciousness, and the Self

Free Will, Consciousness, and the Self


What is it to be human? How do we relate to the world, to each other and to our self in a human ¢#128;#147; in everyday life and when faced with life¢#128;#153;s big questions? In this book, the author develops a general theoretical model that might be able to offer a better understanding of the human condition and of the underlying principles of human behavior. The author shows that general psychology, bridging the natural sciences and the social sciences, can make a significant contribution to a general anthropology.


This book has grown out of the fertile ground that is the basis of general psychological research in Denmark, especially at the Department of Psychology, University of Aarhus and the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen. the work published in the research network Forum for Antropologisk Psykologi (Forum of Anthropological Psychology) with amongst others: Shyam Cawasjee, Lars Hem, Henrik Høgh Olesen, Jette Fog, Boje Katzenelson, Jens Kvorning, Jens Mammen, Henrik Poulsen, Jan Tønnesvang and myself, as well as the ongoing general psychological discussion in the Danish periodical Bulletin fra Forum for Antropologisk Psykologi been inspiring.

I wish to express my gratitude to Shyam Cawasjee, Niels Engelsted, Lars Hem, Jens Mammen and Erik Schultz for dialogues and comments on the project. I also thank Kim Frandsen, Thomas Koester and Henning Lund for their suggestion to have the project published as a book in Danish, and to Shyam Cawasjee for many useful comments and assisting with the English publication.

Finally, my thanks to Annie Dolmer Christensen for the first translation of the majority of the book, to Sally Laird for the English language revision and valuable comments on the majority of the book, and to Joan Alexandersen Coke for translating selected paragraphs from some of the book's chapters.

Preben Bertelsen, Summer 2000 and Summer 2003 . . .

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