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Incorporate these Self-Help Techniques with Your Clients This book presents a practical and exciting introduction toneuron linguistic programming--self-help techniques proponentsbelieve can program the mind to achieve success. NLP Coachingoffers you tried and tested techniques on howto incorporate NLP methods with your clients. With casestudies and diagrams, you teach your clients all aspectsof NLP, helping them build confidence in the workforce, setgoals, or resolve career or everyday issues.


The coaching world is expanding. a profession that was largely unknown a decade ago is now an attractive second career for increasing numbers of people looking for new ways of growing their interest in the development of people. Some observers estimate that the number of new coaches joining the market is doubling every year.

Yet while there are many books that cater for the beginner coach, including my own book, also published by Open University Press, Coaching Skills: a Handbook, there are relatively few that explore and deepen more specialist aspects of the role. That is the purpose of this series. It is called Coaching in Practice because the aim is to unite theory and practice in an accessible way. the books are short, designed to be easily understood without in any way compromising on the integrity of the ideas they explore. All are written by senior coaches with, in every case, many years of hands-on experience.

This series is for you if you are undertaking or completing your coaching training and are perhaps in the early stages of the unpredictability, pleasures and dilemmas that working with actual clients brings. Now that you have passed the honeymoon stage, you may have begun to notice the limitations of your approaches and knowledge. You are eager for more information and guidance. You probably know that it is hard to make the leap between being a good-enough coach and an outstanding one. You are thirsty for more help and challenge. You may also be one of the many people still contemplating a career in coaching. If so, these books will give you useful direction on many of the issues that preoccupy, perplex and delight the working coach. That is where I hope you will find the Coaching in Practice series so useful.

Nlp (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has been around for many years and is a rich source of inspiration for any coach. But how exactly do you make best use of its many ideas when you are a practising coach? How do you avoid the sense that nlp is just a set of techniques looking for a problem? This intensely practical book is written by one of the most experienced and successful executive coaches in the uk and his book will show you how to weave nlp seamlessly into the very best of coaching practice in a way that goes beyond 'technique' and into the heart of the coach-client relationship.

Jenny Rogers, Series Editor . . .

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