Planning Special Events

Planning Special Events

Planning Special Events

Planning Special Events


Using the same principles and methods that have proven so successful for other fund raising activities, James S. Armstrong takes you step by step through the four-phase process of managing fund raising events. This down-to-earth guide--part of the Excellence in Fund Raising Workbook Series from The Fund Raising School at Indiana University--will show how to produce events that will raise money cost effectively, expand your support base, and attract attention to your cause. Designed to be a well-thumbed reference, the workbook also includes answers to the most frequently asked questions.


I wrote Planning Special Events to help fund raising professionals and volunteers raise money and reap the many other benefits of special events. This workbook is the product of over thirty years of fund raising experience and provides direction and tools I've developed to implement successful event design, production, and follow-up.

After nearly a decade of cutting my fund raising teeth in the political arena, I found myself as a newly minted development officer for my alma mater—the University of San Francisco. These were heady times for the university and for me. the university was just beginning to hit its fund development stride, and I was learning from some of the profession's premier teachers.

The vice president for university relations was Lyle Cook. a development professional of twenty-some years, Lyle and two other experienced professionals had just established the Fund Raising School. It was while attending the second offering of the school's basic course, “Principles and Techniques of Fund Raising,” that I met Hank Rosso. That was in January 1975.

Since then I have taken several of the Fund Raising School's offerings and have benefited from many hours spent with Hank and members of the school's faculty, both in and outside of formal instruction. It is accurate to say that Hank and the teachings of his school are the primary influences on my approach to fund development. Although only a couple of pages of Hank's original Fund Raising Manual were devoted to special events, all the values I see in special events come from the core principles of fund development, as taught by the school to this day. As users of this workbook will discover, the “Fund Raising Cycle,” as it is taught by the Fund Raising School, forms the key element of successful special-event fund development.

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