Reason in Revolt: Dialectical Philosophy and Modern Science - Vol. 1

Reason in Revolt: Dialectical Philosophy and Modern Science - Vol. 1

Reason in Revolt: Dialectical Philosophy and Modern Science - Vol. 1

Reason in Revolt: Dialectical Philosophy and Modern Science - Vol. 1


Reason in Revolt further develops the theory of Dialectical Materialism, using the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century as a tool. First exposed by Marx and Engels, Dialectical Materialism is a comprehensive methodology explaining the unity of the laws that govern nature, science and society, from evolution to chaos theory, nuclear physics to childhood development. First published in 1995 to coincide with Engel's centenary, Reason in Revolt has had a great success around the world. It has been published in Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Urdu, and is now being translated into German and Flemish. The Spanish edition recently went into its second edition. To date, no one has found serious fault with the science of the book. And every new discovery of science serves to confirm the statement of Engels, that "in the last analysis, Nature works dialectically."


By Alan Woods

The publication of Reason in Revolt in the USA is a real red-letter day for the authors. The appearance of the book seven years ago was greeted with enthusiasm by many people, not only on the left, but by scientists and other people interested in philosophy and the latest scientific theories, such as chaos and complexity, which in many respects reflect a dialectical approach to nature. It is therefore highly appropriate that the American public should be acquainted with that extraordinary body of ideas called Marxism.

We are living in a period of profound transformations on a global scale. The exciting advances of the last decades in genetics and physics, the development of computer science, the Internet and other fields of science and technology are opening up new horizons for human development. As the boundaries of human knowledge are pushed forward, so the potential for human development reaches new and unsuspected levels. In this way, the foundations are being laid for a revolution that will put all past transformations in the shade."

The advances of science and technique can provide the basis for the eradication of the evils that plague humankind at the beginning of the 21st century. In the Bible it is written β€œfor the poor have ye always with you.” Yet now, for the first time in human history it is possible to abolish poverty. There is . . .

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