Film Business: A Handbook for Producers

Film Business: A Handbook for Producers

Film Business: A Handbook for Producers

Film Business: A Handbook for Producers


A detailed resource for novice filmmakers, the helpful strategies presented here include building a business plan, selecting and analyzing scripts, and creating deal-making tactics. With amusing anecdotes and valuable advice from various industry experts, this handbook provides the necessary tools to succeed in different film-production situations and environments both financially and artistically.


We thought long and hard about whether to call this edition of the handbook, Screen Business. These days, 'film' producers make movies and programs to be seen on as many 'screens' as possible, in order to maximise revenue potential. In that sense, the producer is really a 'screen' producer, rather than being a film one specifically.

It is also increasingly unlikely that a film producer will make his or her film on film—it is more likely to be shot on HD or digi tape or hard drive, or created entirely in a computer and then stored digitally. Nevertheless, film has become a generic word to describe moving image content, particularly for entertainment and information.

For these reasons, plus the fact that the previous title proved to be so successful over the past fifteen years, it was decided to stick with Film Business: A Handbook for Producers. In any case, the traditional business practices underpinning film production still apply to any production context, whether it is film, video, television, digital or on-line content.

This third edition, like the previous two, continues to focus heavily on those practices, including the emphasis on the producer as storyteller—a new chapter by script guru Linda Aronson describes the tools a producer needs to analyse scripts and manage the scriptwriting process. Essential reading!

Film Business will be extremely useful to anyone who aims to get into the commercial film business, including the rapidly expanding businesses of interactive digital media production, games, visual messages on SMS, on-line content, blogs and so on.

Since the second edition was published in 1995, there have been tremendous changes in the way content is produced, delivered and consumed. The rate of change will only continue exponentially. While still focusing on the traditional film production business skills and practices, this handbook has been totally re-purposed to take account of these changes, to provide the emerging or wannabe producer with the necessary knowledge base they will need to build a sustainable business in the contemporary production environment.

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