100 More Popular Young Adult Authors: Biographical Sketches and Bibliographies

100 More Popular Young Adult Authors: Biographical Sketches and Bibliographies

100 More Popular Young Adult Authors: Biographical Sketches and Bibliographies

100 More Popular Young Adult Authors: Biographical Sketches and Bibliographies


This new companion title to 100 Most Popular Young Adult Authors, features another 100 biographical sketches and biographies of popular young adult authors. In addition to authors that did not appear in the first volume, dozens of fresh voices that have emerged in the field of young adult literature have been included. Carefully reviewed by a number of distinguished young adult literature experts, this book presents a treasure trove of information, a wealth of different genres, and is a one-stop guide to some of the best-loved authors in today's teen literature.


Now more than ever, information on authors abounds—in books, on the Internet, and in journals—so why yet another author guide? It has been six years since the publication of 100 Most Popular Authors for Young Adults, and in addition to the many popular authors that were excluded from that work because of space limitations, dozens of fresh new voices have emerged in the field of young adult literature—among them J.K. Rowling, who had barely begun to write when the previous volume was released. Other print sources of author information tend to focus on those authors with well-established literary credentials—in other words, those authors who are commonly assigned to be read in English literature classes. Other author guides are usually either very large and expensive or limited to only a handful of authors. Web sites can be ephemeral and may or may not be authoritative. Information in journal articles is scattered and not always easy to find. This work fills the need for an accessible and substantial guide to authors with great teen appeal.

100 More Popular Authors for Young Adults, like its predecessor, is primarily intended to be used as a ready reference for teenagers looking for information about their favorite writers—for research papers, book reports, or simply to satisfy their own curiosity. It is equally useful to anyone looking for other titles to read by a beloved author or seeking to learn more about the writing process and what it's like to work as a professional writer. Then, too, teachers should find it helpful in selecting authors for assignments, as should librarians in choosing titles for their shelves.

It should be noted that none of the authors covered in this book were covered in 100 Most Popular Authors for Young Adults, and readers are encouraged to use the two volumes together. Keeping the focus on contemporary authors who are tuned into current language, events, and styles, and who hit the tastes of modern teens on the button, this guide includes many authors who are prize winners, many who have shown strength and consistency in writing, and some who have pioneered new directions or shown a promise for future accomplishments.

In making our selections, we have attempted to cover a full spectrum of authors, so that all teen readers might find representatives of the type of books and authors they enjoy. Thus, the final list includes writers in genres ranging from contemporary problem novels to wizards-and-dragons fantasy, from Christian romances to sliding-into-homeplate baseball, from murder mysteries to history to memoirs to poetry. In addition, we attempted to represent a broad spectrum of ethnic and cultural diversity, with such popular authors as Rudolfo Anaya, Maya Angelou, Sherman Alexie, Kyoko Mori, and Jacqueline Woodson.

Young adults are quick to appreciate that the threads of the past are woven into the quilt of today's literature. Thus, as with the previous book, this guide includes a handful of “classic” and influential authors, who are as appealing today as they were in their lifetimes, writers such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and her heart-warming stories of pioneer life or Robert Louis Stevenson with his swashbuckling pirate tales.

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